Crossfit CoalFace flexes its muscle

More room to move: Ali and Guy Onley, founders of Crossfit CoalFace gym in Newcastle West. Picture: Simone de PeakNEWCASTLE gym Crossfit CoalFace has grown from a small family business to a“one-stop” health destination in its bigger Newcastle West home.

GuyandAliOnley opened their first Crossfit CoalFace gym in Hunter Street in 2014 and slowly built it to capacity. Twelve months ago they moved to Hall Street, near Marketown, with a view to create a bigger venue.

“We had outgrown the other facility and then we were looking to expand into other things other than Crossfit– we wanteda facility that people could move around in their fitness,” said MrOnley.

The Onleys have expanded their gym offering beyond Crossfit to include power lifting, Olympic lifting, body-building, gymnastics, cardio, strongman and classes for kids and those aged over 55. The new-look multi-purpose gym now offers all-day access to members, rather than just class access.

In addition, they are subletting office space to like-minded businesses in the health and wellness field: Lacor Float Centre and Louisa Cutler Physiotherapy. The Benchmark Cafe and MrsOnley’s AOCO hair salon complete the business hub.”

“It’s more of an all-inclusive space,we have tried to open a one-stop shop for fitness-minded people,” said MrOnley.

Each business in the hub can refer to the other, and the business owners are often found at the gym.

Beyond offering more services, MrOnleysaid the move made business sense.

“Ithink it’s trying to cut costs and try and use the spaces smartly–we probably wouldn’t be able to afford such a nice gym and building if we didn’t have any businesses attached and weren’t sub-leasing, it would be too costly,” he said.

With two young sons, the couple believe they are setting a positivelife example.

“I wantthem to see that their parents aren’t just doing the daily grind 9-5, for me this is 25 per cent business owner, 75coach and I think I am growing more as an owner of the business,” MrOnleysaid.

“Iwant the kids to see if they see something and want to have a go then they should just do it.”

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