Equipment loans give smart businesses an edge

Imagine the places an equipment finance loan could take your business.This article is sponsored by LendingPro.

THE new financial year is well underway and as a new year leads to individual resolutions and goal setting, so too can a new financial year for businesses.

The tick over to July 1 can be a fresh start, a time of rejuvenation and renewed ambitions for the enterprise. A smart business will ask questions such as what opportunities do we want to unlock this year to bring in new customers and create growth? And, what will it take to do this?

As part of this reassessment many aspiring businesses will consider equipment loans as a way to take theirs to the next level.

Apply for an equipment finance loan now to make your plans for this next financial year a reality.

Fast, simple equipment finance, LendingPro can help you determine what sort of equipment loan can work for you.

Here are five reasons why equipment loans will work for your business:

Equipment loans free up cash to grow your business

Baker Craig wants to upgrade his ovens. With an equipment loan he doesn’t have to pull cash from other areas of the business or use his personal assets as security as the new equipment acts as security.

You can borrow up to 100 per cent

This means Craig can borrow 100 per cent of the equipment value and maintain his working capital at the same time.

Equipment loans work for businesses with existing loans or debts

Additional financing may be offered for equipment if you are unable to obtain more money through your banks.

They have lower rates from other loans

Based on risk assessment, rates start at 4.09 per cent.

There are a wide range of loans

Loans offered by LendingPro range run from $5,000 up to $10,000,000 to cover small equipment to large vehicles or machinery.

Find the LendingPro repayments calculator here

The calculator shows how for most applicants just $29 a day will getthat vital $50,000 piece of equipment working for them now.

To find out more simply visit lendingpro出售老域名.au or call 1300 998 555 to chat with a loans advisor.

This article is sponsored by LendingPro.

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