Gift of life for dogs and cats

Blood Brothers: Max the labrador is the face of a new campaign in the Hunter.

This is Max the labrador.

Unfortunately, Max was run over by a car. He suffered trauma to his abdomen and tail.

Max was stabilised at the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre in Broadmeadow.

His tail had to be amputated and he needed surgery onhis abdomen, but you’ll be pleased to know that Max has recovered.

He obviously can’t wag his tail anymore, but we hear hehas adapted by wobbling his backside.

Max is the face of the emergency centre’sappealto pet owners to consider registering their pets to donate blood.

The emergency centre is the Hunter’s “only fully-staffed 24/7 emergency animal hospital, which supports all the GP (daytime) vet clinics”.

“Our need for the precious gift of life increases as the warmer months approach,” the centre said in a statement.

“Due to the nature of an emergency and referral pet hospital, we see many patients that require emergency blood transfusions.

“Trauma such as car accidents, rat baittoxicity, or any number of diseases may all mean that a blood transfusion is required for our pets.”

The centre relieson voluntary donations.

“Just like with humans donating blood, it is a relatively painless and simple process for your pet,” the statement said.

“We also try to make it convenient for pet owners whose dog is giving a donation. They can drop their pet off in the morning on the way to workand pick up on the way home (aftera tasty treat to say thank you, of course).”

The emergency centre said bloodneeds vary between cats and dogs.

“The biggest differenceis that canine blood can be refrigerated and stored for a given period of time. Feline blood cannot.

“So we also have a register. This is where pet owners can list their details for us to contact in times of patient emergencies. We give pet owners the ability to nominate times and days of the week that they would be happy to be contacted.

“This register isespecially important for our feline patients.As we can’t store feline blood, we need to have contacts and potential donor information ready.”

The emergency centre hasa system in place to store canine blood for emergencies, but sometimes the need for blood is greater than what has beenstored. So, the register is alsoneeded for dogs.

In Amsterdam Light rail tracks in Amsterdam.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown, of Cardiff Heights, has been travelling across Europe on a retirement holiday.

We reported last week abouthis experience of sweaty armpits on the non-airconditioned London Tube and folks at a gay bar in the East End singing the Neighbours theme song. Then he sent us an image from Amsterdam.

“Will Hunter Street look like this when it’s finished?” Andrew said, showing a busy street with tram tracks down the middle.

Chinese Whispers A Trumpchi vehicle in China.

Alan Hamilton, of Hamilton East, has been travelling in China.

“I’m staying in the mega city of Chongqing.I nearly did a backflip when I saw a Chinese-branded vehicle with the name ‘Trumpchi’on the rear of a mid-size SUV,” Alan said.

Anotherthing he noticed in China is the rise of the digital wallet, with people “aiming their smart phone at these symbols to pay for everything”.

“On a local bus, the conductor takes cash but carries a plastic-laminated symbol in her top pocket for those who want to pay. We are talking about twogiants here –AliPay andWeChat Pay.I believe they are moving this system into Europe.I predict this is the end of the plastic credit/debit card.”

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