Short Takes August 10: readers have their say on the day’s news

WITH 12 car parks and 6000 students at the new uni (‘FeWspace’, Herald 8/8), could Scot MacDonald explain how the trams could possibly cope with so many passengers? Also, the stop shelters are a joke.

John Bonnyman,Fern BayI HAVE driven several thousand kilometres on the M1 (‘Speeding up’, Herald 6/8) in the last eightyears. People are impatient. They tailgate. They fail to observe the two-second rule. They are aggressive, inattentive andfatigued. The last thing we need is a 130km/h speed limit.

Clay Eeson,AbermainWITH the utmost respect to other people’s opinion regarding increasing the speed limit on the M1 (Letters 6/8),it is not the answer. Unfortunately there are people who think their ability to drive safely and professionally at high speed is greater than it actually is. The reason for the majority of the accidents is impatience, a lack of courtesy and a lack of ability. Some say there are motorists traveling at that speed already, and they arecorrect: but these people will continue totravel 20km/h over the limit. If it increases, preparefor absolute carnage.

Jeff Smith,AbermainGIVEN the state governmentappears not to have taken steps to prevent the façade of The Store becoming structurally unsound,it should be reliant on the government to restore and preserve it.They should not merely say it is up to the developerto decide what aspects it wishes to include in its development (“Demolition day nears”, Herald 4/7). Another example of this government turning its back on Newcastle’s heritage.

Susie Johnson, AdamstownSTEPHEN Littlefair (The Australian 07/8) is right about the use of inappropriate, andalso appropriate. They must be two of the great weasel words of our time. Inappropriate usually means someone doesn’t like something but can’t think of a logical explanation. Or in the case of bankers’ mea culpas at the Royal Commission it’s used as a mealy mouthed euphemism to explain their appalling behaviour.

Keith Parsons,NewcastleWOOLWORTHShave been offering free drinks to poker machine addicts in their hotels but make shoppers pay for plastic bags in store. If they can afford to give addicts free drinks, how about giving us long-suffering blokes a free beer whilst doing the shopping with she who must be obeyed?

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayGREAT article, Scott Bevan (‘The architectural life of Brian’, Weekender4/8),and thank you to Brian who has inspired so many of us with his thoughtful and innovative approach to shaping this city. Let’s hope we can capture your enthusiastic vision, salvage some of Newcastle’s architectural history and proceed as a world class city.

Bianca Field,NewcastleAFL vs NRL.Saturday night at the SCG,the Swans and Magpiesdrew 38,000 people. Next door, at theRoosters vs Cowboys, there were 8,000 people. Easy to see what people want. Go the Swans.

Brett Durrance, Cardiff

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