Short Takes August 11: readers have their say on the day’s news

IN REPLY to theGibsons (Letters 8/8):if the NSW government was to lower the registrationon caravans for Grey Nomads to a fee-only status, imagine how much disposable income would free up to be spent in the towns affected by the weather. It’s easily done with a stroke of the ministerial pen. Pensioners spend, they do not hoard.

John Bradford,BeresfieldIN LIGHT of Phil Gould seemingly making an attempt to have Ivan Cleary break his contract at the West Tigers and return to Penrith, I believe itis a disgrace.He should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute. Gould seems to thinkhe is the be-all and end-all of rugby league. All he is doing iscausingfans to hate Penrith because of his actions.

Ross Gillard,ArgentonTO MAC Maguire, there is another word that is rarely used but should be used regularly. The word “imbecile” should be paramount in this day and age.

Brad Hill,SingletonAFTER being sacked by Penrith, why would Ivan Cleary even contemplate going back there?I get that he would like to coach his son one day butthe Wests Tigers threw him a coaching lifeline. He should honour his contract.

Andy McFadden,Warners BayENERGYAustralia, now Ausgrid, announces a 198% rise in profits for the firsthalf of 2018($129 million to $375 million ) but believes upward cost pressures will ease soon. Move on, nothing to see here.

Chris Peters,NewcastleDONATIONS to drought relief are essentialbut are as effective as putting a Bandaid on a cancer unless climate change is seriously addressed. We’re soothing a symptom and not treating the cause. As a collective group we have immense power to change political decisions. In addition to your donation, write to your political party of choice and demand immediate action. If they refuse, vote for a party that has a strong history of climate change action and support an activist group that will actually fight for a liveable future, not only for our farmers, but for our children and grandchildren.

John Arnold,SingletonNEWCASTLE is already a harbourside jewel, (‘FeWspace”, Herald 8/8), so why isn’t there 90-minute intercity trains bringing global Sydney to our doorstepat the former ideal Newcastle station? Battery-powered with a CBD cut and coveror a single stanchion sky trainis 21st century in-depth infrastructure efficiency. Nowthat’s a smart city.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkWITH the Defence Force’s march towards political correctness, officers may soon be required to tuck in new recruits each night and read them a story about gender diversity before lights out.

Jim Gardiner,New LambtonHAS anyone else tried to find a phone number for the ATO in the current phone book? On further investigation only contacts for local MPs are given. Is the government in hiding or is this a cost cutting exercise?

Betsy Watson,Swansea

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