Short Takes August 8: readers have their say on the day’s news

IT IS just so tiresome reading the complaints about sporting teams that don’t win and referees who can’t referee.The complainants should have played for my footy team; we did a lap of honour if we won the toss.

Mike Sargent,Raymond TerraceI WOULD gladly donate money to help the farmers, but I don’t know how to go about it as I don’t do online banking.

Margaret Priest,WallsendREGARDING David Davies comments on Mal Meninga(Short Takes6/8), I also recall Mal’s comments in 1995. The remarks were made in the heat of the Super League war that the game did absolutely nothing for him. Anumber of things, Mr Davies. Did I agree with Mal then? No. Has 23 years changed my view? No, but it’s done and dusted. We all say things that inhindsight we regret, or at least I do. But more to the point, the criteria to be an Immortal is only judged bythe on-field performances where Mal is, in my opinion, an out and out legend. I would suggest Johns and Raper would be no chance of Immortal status if the criteria were also to includeoff-field performance. Come on, David Davies, lighten up and move on.Life’s too short to carry grudges.

Steve Fernie,MarylandPAGE nine of Friday’sHerald (‘Korea set to lift tax on coal’, Herald3/8)shows a great graph about coal exports by destination. The problem is that we have two types of coal:coking coal for steel production, not that dirty electricity production stuff,and thermal coal. Exports through Newcastle are used in autonomous countries that benefit them and the populations of those countries. It is about time the do-gooders that cry we should stop the exports and save the planet actually looked at what coal goes where and to whom. I think this graph just helps the continued confusion and gives the ignorant ammunition.

Ian Reynolds,ForsterIN RESPONSE to Sandy Buchanan’s comments(Short Takes6/8)I can guarantee that the sausages that you buy in store are exactly the same as those we enter in the SausageKing competition, and I’m sure that is the case for all butchers that enter the competition. Our credibility is at stake. I’m not sure where you get the assumption that we make special “competition sausages”, but not all sausages are to everyone’s liking.

Bede Jarrett,LambtonSANDY Buchanan (Short Takes6/8) has a valid point. I have always thought the Sausage King (“Hunter butchers sizzle in annual competition”, Herald 3/8) should be decided by a mystery shopper. We have never entered my recipes. It’sjust not the same as it used to be when we had sawdust on the floor. Ah, the good old days.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayWHY is it when a dog attacks a person (even if it’s an accidental bite) it makes the news and people want the dog destroyed, but when two dogs attack and kill another dog like the two pit bulls that mauled and killed Carly, a dog with a beautiful soul that belongedto my ex,last Thursday, you don’t hear anything about iteven though the police and RSPCA were called?

Jamie H,Port Stephens

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