Short Takes August 9: readers have their say on the day’s news

REGARDING theattack on the Pakistani student Abdullah Qaiser (‘Campus king-hit’, Herald 7/8):this is absolutely abhorrent behaviour that embarrasses Newcastle on the world stage and labels us thugs. To make amends, if it were up to me, I’d round up the assailants and send them to Pakistan to see if they had it in them to make better lives for themselves. See how far your knuckle dusters get you in a foreign land.

Bryn Roberts,New LambtonTHEsaying: better late than never, is applicable now as the devastation and seriousness of the drought stricken areas are visited by the government hierarchy are realised. If Australia wants to alleviate this problem and have a vibrant and growing agricultural industry, then it has got to produce more than just meat, dairy and grain, it has got to produce fresh water. We have the means, we have the knowledge and we are surrounded by the raw product. What are missing are the wisdom and the will. Because of the misuse and miss management of our existing water, maybe it’s time to look at producing one of the world’s most valuable commodities “fresh water”.

Allan Earl,ThorntonPERHAPS Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 4/8) is telling us in code who he thinks we should make our next PM. The one with brains or the one who sends his money overseas for interest rates under 2%, less than you can get in Australia. Paying international transfer fees anyway, you’d think he would go for 6% in India. So why the Caribbean? Maybe his money just appreciates a tropical view.

Colin Fordham,LambtonA MANwas ambushed and robbed while in his vehicle at the university on Saturday night (‘Campus king-hit’, Herald 7/8).This is only the latest in a worrying series of assaults and thefts at the Callaghan campus and, as a current resident, myself and the people I live with are very concerned.

Adam Griffith,CallaghanI FINDit very interesting to considerthe lack of response after a politician is accused of a Basic Instinct flash (‘Shorten ‘not credible’ on Husar’, Herald 4/8). Where are the hysterical cries that would have happened if the flasher had been a male politician? I wonder why?

D Andrews,TarroI AMnot a climate scientistbut I can read, watch and hear those that are climate scientists.According to NASA there is a “greater than 95% probability” that the current warming trend is the result of human activity. NASA has some pretty bright people, so one wonders as to why it is that some of our politiciansand even letters contributorsfeel they know better.Scientists agree Antarctica is losing ice alarmingly fast and the largest iceberg in living memory has broken off from the Arctic, yet some of our politicians still insist on believing the words of crackpot naysayers.What unites Trump and Abbott? They both believe that man made climate change is “crap”and, against a mountain of evidence, are keen on building coal-fired power stations.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when your opinion is in opposition to scientificfacts, it is time to change said opinion.

Mike Sargent,Raymond Terrace

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